GOVCERT.LU provides its services to both registered and non-registered constituents.

GOVCERT.LU delivers the same incident management services to both registered and non-registered constituents, although different levels of service may apply.

The quality of service provided to a non-registered constituent may be lower, in particular if:

  • As a result of an increased workload: GOVCERT.LU gives priority to registered constituents. If the team is heavily overloaded with work, priority will be given to incident reports received from registered constituents.

  • Vital information concerning the non-registered constituency is missing: It may indeed take some time to investigate a new organisation (POC/Proof of Concept, systems used, etc.) due to lengthy procedures, which will directly impact on the GOVCERT.LU reaction frame.

In order to avoid some of the problems experienced by non-registered constituents, GOVCERT.LU carries out an annual information campaign during which GOVCERT.LU strongly recommends that non-registered constituents register their organizations.

In order to register as a new constituent, please contact us at:

Every month, GOVCERT.LU reviews the new registration requests which will then be decided upon. Only organizations supported by GOVCERT.LU (see POL 202 RFC2350) will then be registered.

Report an incident

If you wish to report an incident anonymously, please complete the PGP encrypted reporting form.

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