scanned payment slip of usd 73,500 (2022-05-11)


Attackers try to collect email passwords.


In this phishing e-mail, attackers pretend to be sharing a scanned PDF document.

After clicking on the ‘View Online’ button, the victim is taken to the phishing page where they are asked to authenticate by providing their email password before being able to proceed to the document.

Note that no specific service is simulated. Victims are only requested to provide the email login password. This should raise suspicion as the password is only required to authenticate to the email provider services.


first_login second_page third_page


If you are uncertain about the authenticity of an email, do not hesitate to contact the entity that seems to have sent you the email using a safe communication manner, using the phone for example (no phone number from the untrusted email must be used in order to verify the authenticity).
If you are working for the Luxembourgish government or are using any of the GOVCERT.LU services, it is important to forward phishing emails to us (using Reporting an incident or the Outlook button). This will allow us to take down phishing websites and protect members of our constituency.

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If you wish to report an incident anonymously, please complete the PGP encrypted reporting form.

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