KYC verification (2022-04-11)


Threat actors try to collect Metamask cryptocurrency wallet recovery pass-phrases.


Threat actors are using a fake Metamask cryptocurrency wallet theme to trick potential victims into submitting their recovery pass-phrases.

The risk is that recovery pass-phrases can be used to access a Metamask account, without having a username nor password. The Metamask cryptocurrency wallet supports transactions of several cryptocurrency types. Hence, this attack is generic and does not target a specific cryptocurrency.

In the phishing e-mail, we can see that the e-mail address of the sender, admin@worldmedicalalliance[.]com, is not in relation with Metamask. When clicking on the “Verify your wallet” link, a fake Metamask page with a recovery pass-phrase form is presented. Even if the page is well designed, the domain in the URL, buforddental[.]com, is not from Metamask.

All the others buttons in the phishing web page, redirect to the official Metamask website. For instance, when clicking on the “Download” button a redirection to takes place.


Phishing-email Phishing-web-page legitimate-web-page


If you are uncertain about the authenticity of an email, do not hesitate to contact the entity that seems to have sent you the email using a safe communication manner, using the phone for example (no phone number from the untrusted email must be used in order to verify the authenticity).
If you are working for the Luxembourgish government or are using any of the GOVCERT.LU services, it is important to forward phishing emails to us (using Reporting an incident or the Outlook button). This will allow us to take down phishing websites and protect members of our constituency.

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