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In matters of critical infrastructure protection and crisis management, GOVCERT.LU works closely with the Haut Commissariat à la Protection Nationale.

GOVCERT.LU has also established a partnership with:

Centre des Technologies de l’Information de l’État
Cyberworld Awareness and Security Enhancement Structure
Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg
RESTENA Computer Security Incident Response Team



GOVCERT.LU is authorised by Carnegie Mellon University to use the CERT™ Mark in its name.
[TI: logo for TI accredited teams] GOVCERT.LU is an accredited member of Trusted Introducer
[FIRST: logo for FIRST] GOVCERT.LU is a member of FIRST.org.
GOVCERT.LU is a member of CLUSIL

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If you wish to report an incident anonymously, please complete the PGP encrypted reporting form.

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