By way of Grand-Ducal decree, GOVCERT has been mandated to act as the official national point of contact for national and international governmental CERTs. It performs this function under the name of NCERT.LU (National CERT). NCERT.LU gathers and disseminates information about security incidents, which affect information and communication systems in Luxembourg. It also serves as interlocutor for natural and legal persons, entities and bodies, both national and international.

Once it has received information, NCERT.LU must convey it to the CERTs in charge of the affected victim’s sector or, if no sectorial CERT exists, directly to the victim. NCERT.LU will also advise about the specific points of contact according to the targeted sector.



Security and Operation Centre:
PGP: A5AB 0383 CF41 38C5 0B5D F49D CC4A 5C05 E8B7 5E31

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If you wish to report an incident anonymously, please complete the PGP encrypted reporting form.

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