Cooperation, Interaction and Disclosure of information

While there are legal and ethical restrictions on the flow of information provided by GOVCERT.LU, it acknowledges its obligation towards and its intention to contribute to the spirit of cooperation inherent to the creation of the Internet. While appropriate measures will be taken to protect the identity of members of our constituency and members of neighbouring sites where necessary, GOVCERT.LU will use its discretion to share information freely whenever this may assist in resolving or preventing security incidents.

GOVCERT.LU gives its outmost attention to operational cooperation and information-sharing between Computer Emergency Response Teams and with other organisations which may contribute to or make use of its services.

GOVCERT.LU protects sensitive information in accordance with relevant regulations and policies within Luxembourg. In particular, GOVCERT.LU respects sensitivity labelling of information allocated by the referring entity (“originator control”).

GOVCERT.LU applies the Traffic Light Protocol procedure when sharing information with teams supporting this procedure, and respecting it whenever it is present.

The Information Disclosure Policy applicable to GOVCERT.LU can be found here.

Report an incident

If you wish to report an incident anonymously, please complete the PGP encrypted reporting form.

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